About Us

     Poly Game Studio is a 2D/3D Game Art and Game Development outsourcing studio, based in Gurgaon, India. We are providers of premium quality of Art for the entertainment industry, with abroad range of services including concept Art, illustration, 3D modeling, animation and game cinematic.

At Poly Game Studio many of us appreciate who share both our passion for creating and developing fantastic video games and also the responsibility for you to producing these in the finest quality.


Game Art Services :

We provide with you full range of Game Art Services which include:

*3D Modeling.

*UV mapping and Texturing.



*Casual Game Art.

*Concept Art.

Our Artists are experienced and equipped with latest technology,   delivering you with best quality game ready assets as your requirement.




*3D Modeling

   We provide 3D High/ Low Poly models as your requirements.

Any Kind of Characters, environments,Attires, Weapons, Vechiles, Furniture and Props. We model as per your requirements for poly count, resolution,style and game engine etc. 

Our 3D Artists skilled in Maya, 3ds Max and Zbrush providing you the highest quality in minimum time frame.





*UV Mapping and Texturing:

      We provide UV Mapping and texturing service for any kind of 3D model.

Any Kind of 3D model we can unwrap and texture it. We provide high quality textures compatible with next gen consoles as per your requirements.

       Our texture artists are skilled in Photoshop, Gimp and understand real time texturing, providing you the High quality textures matching your style and requirements.




We provide Custom rigging solutions as per your game requirements.

We can rig and skin Humanoid Characters and Creature. We create custom rig as per your 3D Model and Animation Requirements. Along with rigging we weight the 3D Model which help in Animation process.

Our Rigging Artists are skilled in Maya, 3Ds Max, blender and understand different rigging techniques. The rigs are Game engine ready and are checked to make sure there is no crashing and deforms in mesh.



Animation put Character to life.

We provide 2D / 3D Game Animation service for Realistic, flash animation, cleaning up mocap file and 3D animation, we can animate as per your requirements and matching your style.

Our Artists are skilled in Maya, 3Ds Max and Blender. Thay are comfortable in exporting animation files directly to Game engine and providing you life like animation.